1) Flashdrive of Images (20-25 images) 
-No watermark on these images
-Original sized images.
-Saved as .jpg

2) Printed Page include:
• Project Title and image titles. 
(The image titles can be original titles or file #) I need a way to identify what I am looking at.
•Written description of project. (at least a paragraph) Artist statement about the work.

3) Contact Sheet of Final Project images. Image titles should be visible on the contact sheet. Use photo quality paper for the contact sheet. You may combine title, statement and images on same page if images are large enough to be identifiable.

Create a strong edit. ONLY the Best of the Best!

Your semester project will also be submitted

During Class 2 you chose one of the 3 following projects. That is what I will be grading. No substitutions.

Instagram: Post 1 image a day - - 5 posts a week for an A, 4 posts a week for a B, 3 Posts a week for a C

Book: MagCloud or Blurb book. 20 images minimum.

Blog: 3 posts a week for an A, 2 posts a week for a B, 1 post a week for a C