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DOWNLOAD THIS PDF - Print it! Reference it!

Assignments: All Assignments are found in the PDF.
You can do these in any order you would like over the next 8 weeks. Turn one in a week starting in week 3. 
••• #5 is a 2 week assignment so the week you miss submitting an assignment send me an email that you are working on Story of Place. [email protected]. You will get points for the email so don't skip it.
What travels do you have planned? Maybe you want to shoot the Local Cuisine project on a trip. I want you to have that opportunity.
We live in an incredible city - A travel destination, you never need to leave town to take this class. But if you do, snap away!

1) Beyond the Postcard

2) Golden Hour / Blue Hour
Check out these snaps

3) Local Cuisine

4) Portrait on Location

5) Story of Place - The big assignment - This is a 2 week assignment. This assignment will touch on all of the above so you might want to do this one last. But if you are taking a trip this is the one to do.  Remember to send me the email. I am using images from my New Orleans trip. I shot 2,074 images.
Part One -The Concept: 

••• Print this page as your weekly semester guide •••
Things will continually be updated - Keep checking back.

All Image Projects/Assignments will be posted on Facebook. You will post to the wall and in your own FB Album. During the semester keep adding images to your one album. Do not create multiple albums. Each week send me an email at  [email protected] including images and captions for each image. 

week 1: Monday June 4 – Sunday, June 10, 2018

Watch my Video Introduction: 
001) Introduction Part 1: 
002) Introduction Part 2: 


Who Are you due FRIDAY JUNE 8,  11:59PM  - email this to me at [email protected] - copy and paste the questions below into your email. No Attachments.
•First and last name
•Best phone number to reach you
•Best email to reach you
•Are you on Instagram?
•What is your username if you are on Instagram?
•What photography classes you have taken if any?
•Why are you taking this class? Do you want to be a professional travel photographer? Do you want to make better photographs on your travels? All answers are good.
•Favorite photographer that is not Ansel Adams. If you do not know any photographers, that is ok. Your assignment is to go online and explore. Find one or more you like and let me know who they are and why you like their work. Write it down. 
• Email Subject Line TRAVEL DOCUMENTARY - who are you

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You will be posting your images and captions to Facebook as well as emailing me your images and captions.

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003) Saving and sizing an image for Facebook. Simple action also demonstrated:
004) Create an album for your images. Video here:

Gear List Due TUESDAY JUNE 12,  11:59PM •••ASSIGNMENT found in the PDF Email This to me at [email protected]
005) Watch my Video for this assignment:

Exercise - Get out and make some images - Find an Interesting background - Find Interesting Light •••Exercise found in the PDF
006) Watch My Video:

week 2: Monday June 11 – Sunday, June 17, 2018

Exercise -Interesting Background or Interesting Light- Due Tuesday, June 12,  11:59PM

week 3: Monday June 18 – Sunday, June 24 2018

Assignment Due Tuesday, June 19,  11:59PM

week 4: Monday June 25 – Sunday, July 1, 2018

My Video on Captioning:

Assignment: Start a Wander List - 

Assignment Due Tuesday, June 26, 11:59PM

week 5: Monday July 2, – Sunday, July 8, 2018

Assignment Due Tuesday, July 3, 11:59PM

week 6: Monday July 9, – Sunday, July 15, 2018

Assignment Due Tuesday, July 10, 11:59PM

week 7: Monday July 16, – Sunday, July 22, 2018

Assignment Due Tuesday, July 17, 11:59PM

week 8: Monday July 23, – Sunday, July29 , 2018

Assignment Due Wednesday, July 25, 11:59PM
Wander List Due Wednesday, July 25, 11:59PM


As opportunities arise, I reserve the right to alter the order and to add to or subtract from this syllabus or weekly semester guide.