The Instagram Project: Ideas

56 images - One a day       (you can post mare a day but you must post each day)

We all have come here from different places in our photographic journey. Some of us have been making images for 20 years some of us maybe 20 days. No problem This class is for you! We will be making images and sharing those images with the world.

You may be working on an extended project so you should continue to work that concept. 

You might be thinking oh no 56 images how do I do that?

Below are exercises for making images. Choose one idea for the 56 images. Choose one idea each week or choose a different one each day. Lets make images.


1) Make a series of images with one dominant color.

2) Make a series of images exploring leading line.

3) Make a series of images where you stand in one spot for an hour - find an interesting location.

4) Make a series of portraits where you fill the frame with your subject’s face.

5) Make a series of portraits of your subject’s hands.

6) Make only one photograph a day for 30 days - when this class is completed.

7) Explore abstraction vs non-representational.

8) Make a series of photographs of your backyard.

9) Photograph a minimalist series.

10) Shoot only with a wide angle prime lens for a month.

11) Shoot only with a telephoto prime lens for a month.

12)) Shoot only black and white for a month.

13) Make a photo book of a recently completed series.

14) Shoot for a month only with your smart phone.

15) Join in on a photo walk in your area. Meet some new photographers.

16) Photograph with another photographer for a month and create a book together.

17) Make a series of work based on a song.

18) Make a series of work based on a dream or dreams.

19) Make a collage from your images (cut and paste - not on the computer).

20) Make a collage from your prints and found items.

21) Make beautiful images of something ugly.

22) Make a series of abstract shadow images.

22) Shoot a series of shallow depth of field images.

23) Photograph light - your subject is light.

24) Photograph a series of lies or truths.

25) Find the most crowded space you can and make interesting images.

26) Photograph in the dark. Push that ISO.

27) Make seven images of things that inspire you.

28) Shoot everything at F/22 for a week.

29) Shoot circles for a day. Try cropping everything circular.

30) Make a series of abstract images.

31) Make a series of trite images.

32) Do you have a phrase you say all the time? Make an image to depict the phrase.

33) Photograph childhood without showing children.

34) Photograph in a one-block perimeter of your home or work, every day for a week.

35) Photograph your mood every day for a week.

36) Make a selfie every day for a week.

37) Make a portrait of your partner every day for a month.

38) Photograph your fears.

39) Photograph your life at this age.

40) Photograph your failures.

41) Photograph what you think your future will be.

42) Photograph a memory from childhood.

43) Choose a place you find interesting. Photograph in this location for 10 minutes each day for the next week.

44) Photograph a location still life.

45) Title every photograph you make for a month.

46) Make a series of images of reflections.

47) Make seven iconic images of your city or town.

48) Photograph every meal for the next 7 days - get creative.

49) Every day exactly at noon make a photograph - no excuses.

50) Photograph a location in your city you have never been.

51) Make a series of images on consumerism.

52) Shoot from the hip for a day.

53) Shoot everything for a week with the subject of blur. Make it work.

54) Photograph the blue hour.

55) Photograph plywood.

56) Photograph a cliche.

57) Make a series of images based on memory.

58) Make 100 images today.

59) Make 1000 images today.

60) Make a series of photographs with a silly prop.

61) Crop everything square for a week.

62) Photograph 36 strangers.

63) Write an artist statement.

64) Go to a place you do not like and make a beautiful photograph.

65) Photograph a random place. Throw a dart at the map and go.

66) Photograph the ordinary to make extraordinary.

67) Photograph passion.

68) Shoot a series of long exposure images.

69) Photograph a series of silhouettes.

70) Make a series of macro images.

71) Sketch your images today, or even the entire week.

72) Photograph the color red.

73) Go on a walk, take a photograph every 25 steps.

74) Photograph clouds exploring metaphor. Title each image.

75) Make a series of images based on entertainment.

76) Make a series of digital pinhole images.

77) Explore the passage of time in a series of images.

78) Explore the passage of time in a single image.

79) Make a series of images about weather.

80) Photograph solitude.

81) Make a series of images on things or places that ware abandoned.

82) Make a portrait of someone with an object that is important to them.

What will you add to this list? Share it with me.

Idea TWO:

Choose 56 quotes and make an image for each quote. You might want to explore Adobe Spark Post if you choose this route.