LVD/Smart Phone Edition

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As opportunities arise, I reserve the right to alter the order and to add to or subtract from this syllabus or weekly semester guide.

In this class we will explore smart phone technology, from best practices for shooting still and video images, to the 1000’s of apps to enhance, manipulate and alter your images. We will explore the add- on accessories from lenses to shooting rigs for different phones and devices. We will also look at how history is being recorded, written and shared using this technology. You will create your own content and share this content, all from your smart phone.


28398  PHO  289B - 2001   Special Topics for Photography    Th 10:00AM - 1:50PM      NLV    1744    Protz

•Smart Phone with data plan tablet or pad with built in camera, data plan or wifi enabled.
••Please update devices to the latest operating systems or iOS to the latest version.

1) To understand and share images across the web using hand held smart phone/tablet devices.
2) To shoot, edit, manipulate images from start to finish using smart phone/tablet apps for still and video images.
3) To explore and study important image makers who are using this powerful technology.
4) To utilize social media platforms from these devices for self-promotional content and information sharing.

week 1: Thursday, Jan 18, 2018

•What will you be using for this class, phone, tablet, etc?


Assignment: Who Are You, Send an email to [email protected] (save this email for future use)

Favorite photographer that That uses a smartphone for making images. Look one up if one does not come to mind. Tell me why you are drawn to the photographers work. What apps do they use?

What photography classes have you taken. 

Turn in by Monday January 22, 8am for full credit. Do it now. Subject Line: PHO298B -SPI- Who are you

•Field Trip Form: (Please print and fill out 2 copies of this form and return to your instructor)

•Set up your Facebook Account. Basics of FB

•Join this group
Make your profile Public. So we can all see your work and I can download your images for grading.

•Introduction to apps and using them, download some apps for next weeks shoot.

ASSIGNMENT: X10 weeks  First review due by the start of class week 3
Every week download at least 1 new app, research, shoot, edit and review. Tell us your thoughts on each app.
• Post 1 image and a review of the app to our FB group.
• Also, email me each week with your app of choice
- A link to the app
- Cost of the app, are there add on costs as you use the app?
- IOS or Droid, Phone or Tablet - 2 or more images up to 8
- Your review of the app
- What worked, what did not
- Speed of the app
- Is it clunky
- Is it intuitive
- Thoughts on the interface, do you like how it looks and performs? ads?
- Flexibility of the app, does it do more than one thing?
- Does it crash or freeze your device
- Can you work at maximum resolution with the app.
- Include a rating of 1 poor to 5 fantastic.
In the email include
- Your Full name
- Date
- Phone
- email
Due every Wednesday by 8am  email to -
[email protected]

10 best photo apps iOS

Best apps Android

ASSIGNMENT: In class today make a portrait of a class member. Post to FB group page. Get the creativity flowing.

ASSIGNMENT: Shoot a self portrait for your profile page.
DUE -  Wednesday January 24, 8am
-Post to your FB Profile

Thought, Find your reflection. Look into your subjects eyes, find your reflection. Discover yourself looking at you. Then ask your subject to look into the camera and find their reflection, make the portrait, as they are looking for themselves they are less interested with what they are projecting and reveal a truth. give it a try. even on yourself

What’s the Difference between a Selfie and a Self-Portrait?
by Alli Burness on 22 January 2015

History of the selfie:

26 million people have super imposed rainbows over their Facebook

week 2: Thursday, Jan 25, 2018

ASSIGNMENT: On Location Planet Hollywood
Camera apps to explore, start with Hipstamatic, Snapseed. What low light camera apps can you find and review for the class.
- Out on location shooting and processing images on the fly.
- Do you want a consistent look to your images? b&w? Color? Grunge? Are you looking at Statues? People? Architecture? All of the above.
- Create a compelling series of 10 images that hold together with a concept. What is your concept?
-Meet at Planet Hollywood out in front by Urban Outfitters 10am. Don't be late!
- At 1pm we will meet up to share the shooting experience and what we have discovered.
Meet in front of Garrets Popcorn in the mall. 

- Post images to our FB group throughout the day. (I will be looking for at least 4 posts today during class)
- Before next week add 10 images to your gallery.

•Food:  8:45am, Cafe Hollywood in the Casino (formerly Planet Dailies)

iPhone live photos

Moving images from device to device iOS - Mac

Android - Moving photos from device to computer

An iPhone in the DRC: Photos by Michael Christopher Brown

week 3: Thursday, Feb 1, 2018

ASSIGNMENT: On Location  -Linq -Caesars   -people - live- loop - bounce - Long Exposure.
- Out on location shooting and processing images on the fly.

- New apps to explore:
- Meet at Linq -entrance to Hash House a Go Go -10am, meet back up at 1pm at Starbucks in the 
The LINQ Promenade to discuss the day and share images.
- Post images to our FB group throughout the day. (I will be looking for at least 4 posts today during class)
- Before next week add the images to your gallery
- 10 images.

Try a manual camera app this week. What did you find? Share to the FB group. Write a detailed review.

•Food: 8:40am, Hash House a Go Go In the Linq hotel and Casino

Hash House A Go Go at The LINQ
3535 S Las Vegas Blvd, Las Vegas, NV 89109

week 4: Thursday, Feb 8, 2018

ASSIGNMENT:  On Location Bellagio - Aria - B&W
- Meet at the Bellagio Fountains out front by the driveway entrance. Bellagio to Cosmo or tell me where you are shooting
- 10 images

•Food: 8:40am, TBA 

week 5: Thursday, Feb 15, 2018

Meet in the classroom
•Downloading and backing up your images to your computer and deleting images off your phone.
•Shooting Accessories, lenses, cases, backup batteries, tripod mounts.

InkJet printing paper
Smart Phone and tablet if you have one 
All images made on a Flashdrive or hard drive. In folders By date and Project

- We will crit, edit and sequence the work.
Assignment: You will Print a series of 4 images to be hung. This must be completed before class ends. We will hang these today!
- Image specs, 7x7 inch images or 7 inches longest side. Printed on 8.5x11 paper. Do not trim paper. No watermarks on image.

- We will explore Adobe Spark
Download the app to your iPad, iPhone or (Android- coming soon)  can be accessed from your computer as well on the web.

- Create an Adobe Spark Page
•You will create 3 Adobe Spark Pages this semester,
1st due next week. Use work already created.
2nd -A personal series to be explored outside of class Due week 13

- Must have a minimum of three sentences of text.
- 20-25 images. Use images from the entire semester, in class or personal work.
- Publish to our FB group.
- Email me your link for your slideshow. [email protected]

•Food: 9:00am, Maverick Truck Stop
3225 Las Vegas Blvd N

Las Vegas, NV 89115  (behind the Wendy’s)
awesome dive!  

week 6: Thursday, Feb 22, 2018


Meet on location Golden Gate

Lets dive into composites on the iPhone

ASSIGNMENT: Final project proposal Due week 13: Turn in a typed proposal. What is your content. What form will you present your final project in. Final project can be a slide show, printed work, a book, or a movie

•Food: 8:30 TBA
3225 Las Vegas Blvd N

Las Vegas, NV 89115  (behind the Wendy’s)
awesome dive!  

week 7: Thursday, March 1, 2018

On Location: Fremont East Meet at PublicUS

•Food: 8:45 PublicUS


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Feburary 27th -5-7:30pm -Cashman Pro Lab Annual Open House -We will see Demos (I will be teaching one of the demos) and we will see what awards are given out for photography. You might be a winner!

week 8: Thursday, March 8, 2018

On Location: DTLV  7th and Carson

•Food: 8:40   EAT  -707 E Carson Ave, Las Vegas, NV 89101

week 9: Thursday, March 15, 2018 


Hi Everyone.

Back out to shoot again this week. We are off our schedule but we missed out on some shooting so lets snap away. What apps are you exploring? Many of you have recommended Halide and I will be giving this one a try. Remember when editing you can use more than one app. Many apps do one thing well and by using multiple apps you can create your own distinctive photographic vision. Keep pushing your eye and style.

Photoshop Mix is a good one for exploring composites - Have you tried it yet?

How about Juxtaposer?

Enlight Photofox

Union - Combine & Edit Photos

 Meet 600 E Fremont Street. 10AM

I have not seen much posting to FB this week. Get to it!

•Food 8:45am Siegels’s 1941 in the El Cortez - email me if you are joining me for breakfast

week 10: Thursday, March 22, 2018  FOTOFEST WEEK
Sigma Lens Contest -Bring your DSLR cameras so you can shoot and enter the Contest today!

- Shoot a 5×5 on location.
- 5 shots -5 seconds each, edited together
- Try some different apps to get different video looks. I like Lens+, but explore others.
- Upload to vimeo or Youtube of directly to FB
- Email me the link, include your video info/title, your name.

Meet on Location Arts District -Vesta Casino Center Dr

•Food: 9:00 am Vesta

MARCH 26-30 Spring Break

week 11: Thursday, April 5, 2018

Meet in Classroom
- Introduction to video apps and basic editing

- Introduction to video editing on a phone or tablet.
- Using iMovie on your apple tablet or mac Things to think about to be successful. Location, lighting, tripod, etc.
- What kind of videos can you imagine shooting?
- Video vs Still images
- Uploading the videos to youTube

iMovie for iOS
iMovie for Mac: 
instuctions for using the program found here

6 best editing apps for IOS
10 Best IOS and Android

Apps For Making A Movie

- Create a 61 second video portraits.
- Shoot a variety of people, One face, sixty one seconds.
- Title the video, subjects name or ?
- Subject can be silent, nervous talking, looking at your video camera. no instruction, no direction: (remember if you talk your voice will be recorded as well, think about the ambient sound, you will not be altering the sound in these) all one 61 second roll.
- When you finish this project: how do you feel about the extended portrait vs. the still image portrait?
- Try some different apps to get different video looks. I like Lens+, but explore others.
- Upload to vimeo or Youtube of directly to FB
- In our FB group be sure to upload the link of your most successful video.
- Email me the link to your 61 second video, include your subject info, your name.

- Discuss Final project Ideas. Turn in a typed proposal through email. What is your content. What form will you present your final project in. Final project can be a slide show, printed work, a book, or a movie


Examples: This is who inspired the project, Chase Jarvis 60-Second Portraits
from Grafic House

60 second video portrait
from Grafic House
What’s going on here?
Some of your technology may be out of date, and this video may not play properly.
Try Anyway

•Food: 8:30 TBA

ASSIGNMENT: Video Interview

Create a video tutorial or make a 45 second promo of one of your Photography Professors. You must get their permission to attend a class or interview them outside of class. Could include video and stills in this video project.
- Possible content: Photoshop tip, camera operations tip, iPhone app tip
- Propose your idea to me, through email by next Wednesday  -We will discuss at the ideas at the beginning of class.  [email protected]


week 12: Thursday, April 12, 2018



•Food: 8:30 TBA

week 13: Thursday, April 19, 2018
ASSIGNMENT: location video, still images or slideshow posted to FB

•Food: 8:30 TBA

week 14: Thursday, April 26, 2018
classroom or on location -

•Food: 8:30 TBA

week 15: Thursday, May 3 , 2018
Meet in the classroom
-Crit 3rd Slide Show personal series #2

•Food: 8:30 TBA

Finals Week: Thursday, May 10, 2018 Crit of Final Project
Final project can be a slide show, printed work, a book, or a movie