Blend Modes


Refine Edge
Refine Edge Video
Watch a video Smart Sharpen
Smart Objects
Photoshop How-To: Get Smart About Smart Objects
Painting with Light using Photoshop (not the Kelby technique)
High Pass Sharening •look for the how to in the middle of the page.

Lens Correction  CS5

Lens Correction  CC

Lighting Effects CS5

Actions found on the internet, how to use them, why to use them.

Oreilly Digital Media: Automate Your Favorite Photoshop Routines


These are just a few websites, google free photoshop brushes.

Final Project Guidelines

Artists and Links to Explore:
LV 2013 Photoshop World Keynote. Brooke Shaden around the 15minute mark. – diptychs •this looks great