In class:
Photoshop-new features
How to use the new Camera RAW Filter in Photoshop CC -Terry White

Camera Raw Filter

Selections 101

Camera Raw workflow options – Photoshop workflow options and other things to think about
•What color space are you working in?
•8bit of 16bit files?
•What resolution should your files be?
•What color mode are you working in?
•Do you Soft Proof?
•Is your monitor calibrated? It should be!
•Printer Profiles are important! Do you know how to install a custom profile?
•Save as?


Layers -A layer is simply one image stacked on top of another.
•Naming Layers
•Blank Layers
•Duplicate a layer (Command – “J”)
•Convert a background to a Layer
- Double click on the background Layer
-a dialogue box appears
-rename the layer
-click OK
•Layer Masks
•Checkerboard = ?
•Blend Modes
•Master guide to layers
Layer shortcuts & tricks

Selection Tools
•Marquee Tools -Rectangular/Elliptical
•Lasso -Free Form/Polygonal/Magnetic
•Command “D” to deselect a selection
•Quick Selection Tool
•Magic Wand (tragic wand)
•Expand a selection
•Invert a selection
•Color Range Selection Tool
•Saving and Loading Selections
•Refining Selection Edges
•Quick Mask
•Layer Masks