Photographic Overlay

10 yes 10


- To explore the photographic relationship of two images.

- To explore color, filters, blend modes, masks, pattern, texture etc.

Suggestions and Options:
Image + Pattern

Image + Texture

Image + Image

Image + Color

- Explore filters on one image

- Explore using a mask to reveal or hide part of an image

- Does the second image have to cover the entire first image?

- Does the image have to be the size of the base image?

- Can the opacity be less than 100%?

- How will a blend mode effect your image?

- Grain

- Dot Pattern

- Line

-S quare

- Contrast

- Flat

- Gradient

- Color

- Framing

- Screen

- Splice

- B&W

- Monotone

- Inverted

- Halftone

- Over sharpened

- Blurred

- Scale change

- Monumental

- Lightness

- Abstraction

- Space

- Noise

How To:

- Two images, one canvas

- Drag and drop one image onto the other within Adobe Photoshop

- Play and explore!

Turn In:

You can print your 10 images at school, home a mini lab. The images need to be turned in on time. No excuses. Plan for the time involved. Due at the beginning of class

- 10 canvases, 4×6 or larger, printed

- Type up a description for each canvas, what the techniques were, what were you trying to say, the content.

- Turn in above in envelope, Label: name, class, day and time, project and date