Assignments 1-6

These 6 composites can be included in your final portfolio.

(you will need 4 additional composites for your final)

Each week you will present a digital layered composite file and a print for class critique.

Your imagery is your choice from realistic to fantasy or anything in between.
No LIMITS for what you can do. Always bring your work to class with you!

•The file should be a full resolution layered file.

-Please submit at 8 bit,

-You define the file dimension size.

-240ppi or 300ppi.

• Also turn in a fill size .jpg file

• Prints can be printed on 8.5 x 11 inch paper or larger (these are work prints)

-Your final portfolio images should be consistent, 

-Size, unless the contend demands variation in size. Many times a composite will work better on a larger size. We can see the details, feel the impact of the images. Not often will you find a gallery show of 8.5 x 11 inch images. I’m hoping to hang your work in the gallery or hallways at the end of the semester.

-Paper and paper surface should be consistent. Think about how these factors could enhance your content.