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assignment: retouch

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•The student will gain a working knowledge of the clone stamp/healing brush/spot healing brush/patch tool, to correct dust, scratches, tears, etc.
•Use of the Zoom tool, Move tool, Hand tool will also be explored
•The student will gain a basic understanding of the layer panel and its functions
•The student will gain a basic understanding of the history panel and its functions

1) Choose an Image: Torn, scratched, fading, discolored image.
you may use one of my images found here or scan one of your own.

-Scan photograph
-The image will be printed on 8.5 x 11 inch paper (what size do you need to scan?)

•Scan to 10 inches on the longest side, resolution of 240PPI
After scanning send me the image in an email, .jpg so I can ok the image for your retouch project.

I don’t want you working on something too difficult or too easy.

2) Open scanned image or one of the images I provided.
2a) Straighten and Crop the image if needed

All-New Crop Tool in Photoshop CS6, By: Bryan O’Neil Hughes

Cropping in Photoshop CS6 and CC - Gavin Hoey

List of shortcuts when using the Crop tool in Photoshop CS6:
• “C” selects the Crop tool.
• “O” cycles through the different View overlays .
• “R” displays the Crop Image Size & Resolution dialog. Note: you must make an adjustment to the Crop marquee before tapping the “R” key, otherwise tapping the “R’ key will select the Rotate View tool.
• “H” hides the image area that is beyond (outside of) the Crop marquee.
• “X” exchanges the Crop marquee from horizontal to vertical and vice versa.
• “P” enables “Classic Mode” where the Crop marquee behaves as in previous versions: you move the Crop marquee, not the image under the Crop marquee. Note: you must make an adjustment to the Crop marquee before tapping the “P” key, otherwise tapping the “P’ key will select the Pen tool.
• “Escape” cancels the crop

2b) Many time I prefer the look of B&W to the yellow/sepia look of many old images, so I take the image to Grayscale.
go to the Menu – Image – Mode – Grayscale
This will also be good to do while learning. You won’t have to deal with choosing the correct color, only the correct grayscale, it is a bit easier to learn the tools in grayscale (I recommend this).

3) Make a duplicate layer of the background
-Do not make corrections to the background layer, work on background copy
– Go to the menu – layer – duplicate layer,
(after making corrections on the background copy
-click the eyeball off in the Layers Panel, what do you see?)

4) Use the Spot Healing Brush/Clone Stamp/Patch Tool,
to correct dust, scratches, tears, etc.
– To use the Clone Stamp/Healing Brush,
– Hold down the Option Key, cross hair appears,
– Click the mouse in the area you want to sample from (good area), close to the area in need of correction.
– Release the Option Key and clone/click over the area in need of repair.

Using the Healing Brush

Retouching Blemishes in Adobe Photoshop CS4

If you are too close to the area in need of correction you can create more problems.
Be careful of repetitive cloning
– Choose a Brush Size that is close in size to what needs correcting.
– Use a soft edge brush.
– Keep the Aligned Box Checked in the options bar.
– Work at 100% or greater.

When retouching in Photoshop work at 100% view. If less you will not see everything that needs correcting. Also, you do not need to work at 1000% we are correcting for print.

Changing brush sizes without going to the brush panel:
use the left and right bracket keys on your keyboard.

USEFUL Shortcuts
command + S to save Your document
command + shift  + S -to Save As

(The clone stamp has a fly out menu. What are the other tools?)

•Retouching these images will take you quite a bit of time, don’t procrastinate… Start Working.

•Turn in Retouched file as a .PSD or .TIFF
include retouching layers (your background layer should be the un-retouched image)
Title file:  Your last name_ first initial_project_.extention  ((example)Smith_M_retouch.psd)


Healing BrushHealing Brush

Clone StampClone Stamp

Fly outFly out

Before and AfterBefore and After