assignment: PDF presentation

•To explore Adobe Photoshop Automated functions and learn the benefit of these features in the professional world.
•To understand the beginning stages of professionally sharing images with clients, galleries and future prospects
•To problem solve and find the best way to make a Presentation with your version of Photoshop

The Adobe PDF Presentation is an automated Photoshop function, which means Photoshop does most of the work for you. Don’t be afraid to play around with the settings. Explore and you will find new ways to achieve great looking results.
•This automation resizes your files for the presentation.
•Do not start with email sized files or they will pixelated.
•Also, the presentation cannot process 16 bit files so if you are a raw shooter, make sure your images are 8 bit. The automation can work from .PSD, .TIFF, .JPG files

My recommendation is to do a little work at the start and size your files.
Choose: 2000 pixels 72ppi and saved as a .jpg for best results.
You can use this Free Russel Browns script for sizing.
CS5/CS6/CC: Script:
Dr. Brown’s Services 2.3.1CS5/CS6/CC: Script:
Dr. Brown’s Services 2.3.1

IMAGE PROCESSOR PRO watch the video on the download page below on how to use this script, you will love it!

•To Start

1) Choose 12-20 images that work together, put them in a

2) Create a cover image (slide/canvas), Using Photoshop, title of presentation, your name
*This slide/canvas should be horizontal (like our presentation device, the computer monitor)
•PDF info : use arrow key to advance or Slide show will advance every 5 seconds, (Are you going to have the slide show advance on its own? Tell your viewer on the start page.). Escape key to exit presentation.
TELL your audience what to expect when viewing your slide show.
•You could have an image for your start slide.
Lower the opacity and lay the text over top.
How would you do this?
Have fun explore Photoshop, Make something cool and grabbing, make a dynamic start and end slide to compliment your presentation.
•Your computer monitor is horizontal. I recommend your start and end slide be horizontal
3) Create an End Slide (slide/canvas),

•Put your contact info here. name address, phone, email etc.
They will want to contact you…
Make it easy.
Student examples of cover slides below-

4) Go to the Bridge place your new slides at the beginning and end of the show.
Sequence your images in the order you want them to appear in the PDF Presentation.

5) Do a batch rename with the number at the start of the title. Then when you import the images into the Automation they will be in order for the presentation.

6) In Photoshop Choose File > Automate > PDF Presentation.

The Dialog Box:

•Source Files
You can add open files or I prefer to navigate to a folder that I have batch named the files so they go into the dialog box in the order I want them.
-You must select the individual images; you can’t select only the folder.

•Output Options
-Save as: -Choose Presentation.
-Background: Choose a color, I prefer black or white.
-Include: What options here would you like to include, this will be visible in the presentation for each slide. Remember to choose a font size, not too big, not too small, you may need to experiment with this if you want the titles from the file. Most of the time I do not include the file titles.

•Presentation Options
-Advance Every: do you want the slide show to advance on its own? If yes, check the box to the left of advance every.  Then set a time, 5 seconds is usually a good choice.
-Do you want the slideshow to loop, (repeat over and over again rather than stopping at the end of your slides.)
-Transitions? Explore and play with these. Try random to start and see what they look like. I like none.

•Click the Save button
-Next choose where to save the presentation and name it
Choose Smallest File Size or High Quality Print from the Adobe PDF Preset pop-up menu at the top. (Automate both and see how they differ)
If you’re creating a presentation or want to create a multipage PDF from which the viewer can’t print the full-size images, choose Smallest File Size. For a multipage document from which you do want the viewer to print quality images, use High Quality Print.
How do the file sizes differ? This may also determine how you want to save the file? Do you see a quality difference on your monitor?

Click the Save PDF button to generate the final PDF file.
Do not include PDF in front of the dot PDF extension. this will confuse the computer.

Title example:  smith_M_presentation.PDF

Turn in .PDF Presentation