The Professor | PHO102_FemalePortrait

Assignment: Female Portrait Retouch


To explore Basic Photoshop Retouching on a woman face. With this assignment you will be pulling from everything you have learned this semester. You will retouch blemishes and distractions. Sharpen or soften parts of the image. You will color correct the image from global to localized corrections

Choose one image to retouch

Online Class, Turn In:

•1 Female retouched portrait -including all layers
•Resolution -2160px on longest side, 240PPI
•8 bit
•Saved .PSD or .TIFF
•Email Me a Typed page (not as an attachment, in the body of an email), telling me techniques were used on this portrait.

Classroom, Turn In:
•1 Female retouched portrait -including all layers
•Resolution -2160px on longest side, 240PPI
•8 bit
•Saved .PSD or .TIFF
•Typed page, printed telling me techniques were used on each portrait.
•The portrait printed on Photo quality paper.

Things to think about:
• These are some things to think about when making your image
(Consider clothing, facial expression, background, place, lighting, etc.)
• Think about what can we discover about this person just by looking at his or her portrait?
• What does the facial expression tell us about how the person is feeling at this moment, or what the artist/photographer wants to suggest that the person is feeling?
• What can we say about the person’s social status, time period, and private likes and dislikes by looking at his or her attire?
• What kind of life do you think this person leads? Does he or she work? If so, as what? Are there any props that give us clues about a profession?
• What does the environmental setting tell us about this person?
• Does this person seem like someone you would like to meet? Why or why not?
• Who do you think this portrait was made for? Why? Where do you think it was displayed?

I will be looking for a retouched portrait focusing on the following:

-Keep the original image as the bottom layer for comparison

Most photographs will need the following:
-removal of in camera dust or dead pixels from the image
-normal tonal and color corrections according to your basic workflow (you can do this with adjustment layers or start the process in Camera Raw
-removal of distractions from the background
(you could blur or change the background to B&W or a duotone, have fun and explore what you can do)
-removal of blemishes
-removal/softening of hot spots (shiny areas: nose, forehead, etc)
-removal of dark circles
-softening of lines in the face
-reduce skin pores
-softening of age spots
-whitening of the teeth and/or eyes
-removal of red eye

I will be looking for a minimum two of these or other extra enhancements. (REQUIRED)

Explore the internet to find additional looks, these are just a starting point.
-create a soft filter effect (skin softening) ***not on MEN***
-a vignette effect (darkening of the edge of your image)
-color the hair, change the eye color, change the lip color-sharpen the eyes, hair
-emphasize eye contrast , enhance eye color to bring out eye detail
-enlarge the eyes
-define lips and enhance color as necessary
-check and enhance eyebrows as necessary
-dodging and burning to sculpt the image
-This is a partial list, what can you add here.

-Label layers to reflect what you are doing. (part of the grade)

General Technical Considerations:

1. You may need several layers to achieve a nice gradual result.
2. Don’t forget to lower the opacity of layers to help blend them together.
3. Use Layer Masks and Selection tools as necessary.
4. Lower the opacity of tools as necessary.
5. Play with blending modes to help “blend” corrections.
6. Mask to isolate corrections better.
7. You will need to use the claw for some techniques (shift – option – command – E)

how to: retouching strategy

-who is your subject
-what is important about the subject?
-what stage in life, job, love, etc?
-define what is your strategy plan of attack

Remove Distractions:
-removal of in camera dust or dead pixels from the image
-fly away hair
-distracting backgrounds

Enhance and Improve Features:
-removal of dark circles
-removal of blemishes
-removal of hot spots (shiny areas: nose, forehead, etc)
-softening of lines in the face
-removal of red eye (there should not have been red eye)
-whitening of the teeth and/or eyes
-balance and shape the hair, mouth, eyes (liquify)
straighten teeth, make lips fuller
-refine makeup

Color Correct Image, Enhance Lighting:
-darken background
-blur background
-refine lighting add shape and dimension to your subject
-enhance lighting
-darken or lighten the background for emphasis (vignette)

Creative Interpretation:
-add soft focus effect
-sharpen features (hair, eyes, lips)
-color the hair
-enlarge the eyes
-selective color/b&w
-painterly filter effects
-borders, edge alteration

Sharpen eyes before softening skin

Evaluate the Image:
-you worked in layers so if you see a problem you
should be able to rework without starting from the beginning.

The Print:
-duplicate the image

Work using layers


A few tutorials to get you inspired

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