Assignment: Male Portrait Retouch

Student_a_MalePortrait copyStudent_a_MalePortrait copy



To explore Basic Photoshop Retouching on a mans face. With this assignment you will be pulling from everything you have learned this semester. You will retouch blemishes and distractions. Sharpen or soften parts of the image. You will color correct the image from global to localized corrections and more!

Choose 1 image to retouch

Online Class, Turn In:

•1 Male retouched portrait -including all layers
•Resolution -2160px on longest side, 240PPI
•8 bit
•Saved .PSD or .TIFF
•In Canvas Comments, Write up a detailed description of the techniques were used on this portrait.

Classroom, Turn In:
•1 Male retouched portrait -including all layers
•Resolution -2160px on longest side, 240PPI
•8 bit
•Saved .PSD
•Typed page, printed telling me techniques were used on each portrait.
•The portrait printed on Photo quality paper.

-Keep the original image as the bottom layer for comparison

Most photographs will need the following:
-removal of in camera dust or dead pixels from the image
-normal tonal and color corrections according to your basic workflow (you can do this with adjustment layers or start the process in Camera Raw
-removal of distractions from the background
(you could blur or change the background to B&W or a duotone, have fun and explore what you can do)
-removal of blemishes
-removal/softening of hot spots (shiny areas: nose, forehead, etc)
-removal of dark circles
-softening of lines in the face
-reduce skin pores
-softening of age spots
-whitening of the teeth and/or eyes
-removal of red eye

I will be looking for a minimum of two extra enhancements. (REQUIRED)
Make a list of enhancements you might apply to a male portrait.

-Label layers to reflect what you are doing. (part of the grade)


A few tutorials to get you inspired

Simple Men's Portrait Retouching Workflow

Photoshop - Frequency Separation Made Easy.   -search out the action or create your own

Complete Male Portrait Retouching Workflow: Photoshop and Lightroom #106

Easy Way to Retouch Dark Skin, Male - Speed Tutorial

How to Whiten Teeth in Photoshop -a more advanced tutorial than mine. +A little liquify

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