PHO102B Digital Photographic Imaging - ONLINE CLASS - SPRING 2022

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As opportunities arise, I reserve the right to alter the order and to add to or subtract from this syllabus or weekly semester guide.


PHO  102B - 1001 (22794)  Digital Photographic Imaging I

PHO  102B - 1002 (22802)  Digital Photographic Imaging I

Traditional Online Class Format - Go at your own weekly pace - I am here to help, guide, and answer questions.
READ: A guide to being Successful in this class:

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•••Due Dates are in Green
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This course will introduce students to the basic Adobe Photoshop techniques such as layers, layer masks, color correction and retouching, directed specifically to how it applies to photography, will be explored. We will be using digital camera images. This course can be taken in the same semester as PHO 101. The student must be familiar with computer navigation, saving files, renaming files and using the internet.

The Class
1) Work consistently, don’t procrastinate. Things will go wrong. To get the most out of this class you should plan on working in Photoshop every day for the next 15 weeks.
1a) OK - this is a jam filled class. Don’t wait to get started. Start NOW! NOW! NOW!
2) Have fun, explore, share ideas, have an open mind, be respectful or others, work hard, shoot more.
3) Because this class is mainly a technical class you will not be getting much aesthetic criticism from me.  If you have a problem with a project I will let you know how to improve.  Ask questions throughout the week, let me know if you are not understanding the project, the technique. I am here to help - Don't wait - Just ask!

Please email me at [email protected]

You will need QuickTime installed on your computer to view videos. This is a free download.

You will need Java installed on your computer  (it should already be installed, it is also a free download. You may need to update your version if your files do not upload

Book required: No book required

•••Any Project can be turned in BEFORE the due date•••
I grade projects as a group so if things are submitted early your work will be graded when all are graded.

HANDING IN YOUR WORK and viewing grades:                                                                              
We will work from Canvas for this.

Submit you files through Canvas in the correct portal. You will find grades and comments for your projects in Canvas.

TITLING INFO: Please name files: LastName_FirstInitial_ProjectName.Extension                                                                    
Mary Smith retouch should be turned in as:    Smith_M_retouch.psd                                                                                      

•Files not named properly will not be accepted.                                                                                                           
I will not know the file belongs to you without your name.                                                                                                     
I will not know the project without the project name included.                                                                                               
Makes sense, right?                                                                                                                                                                

•ONLY UPLOAD FILES, NOT FOLDERS -do not zip files or folders.                                                                                             
•Most files will be submitted at 2160 or 3000 Pixels on the longest side 240ppi, 8bit.                                                                     (ALWAYS READ THE FILE SPECS in the assignment for correct submission guidelines)                                                           
•I want to see Layers in your files!                                                                                                                                  

Semester Assignments:
•Who Are You
•Layered Canvas (saved as .PSD)
•Retouch - Old Photograph (saved as .PSD)
•Colorize  (saved as .PSD)
•Duotone Contact Sheet (this can be turned in as a .PDF or .JPG)
•Simple Action
•CC Levels

•CC Curves -with Localized Corrections
•CC B&W-with Localized Corrections
•CC ACR -Part 1
•CC ACR and More with Localized Corrections -Part 2
•Sharpening - Global
•Sharlening - Localized
•Female Portrait
•Male Portrait
•Liquify Portrait
•Image 4 ways - 3x4
•Final Portfolio

week 1: January 18, - January 23, 2022

Office Hours

Assignment: Who Are You:

Turn in by Monday, January 24, 11:59pm for full credit. Do it now. 

Final Portfolio: It is never too early to start working on your final project.


Introduction to Photoshop

Setting up Workspaces and Preferences



Assignment: Layered Canvas
Tools, Panels, Creating a Canvas.
Today we will explore Photoshop. Open a new canvas, look at panels, play with the tools. This will be an overview of where things are. How to choose a tool. Color panels. Setting up your Photoshop color space for at home.

Create a New Canvas:

     If you did not do this earlier set up your color workspace and preferences now.
Photoshop Preferences:
Marquee Tools:
Save a File:
Lasso Tools:
Gradient Layer:
One Last VIDEO  - Rename, Moving Layers, and more info to complete the assignment

Photoshop Tools -

week 2: January 24 - January 30, 2022

Due: Layered Canvas, Monday, January 24, 11:59PM

Assignment/how to: Retouch (an old photograph)

My scanned images for you to use -
Click on the link below. Choose the image you want. Click on the image to make it large. In the top left of the image look for menu, then download the original size. This will save to your HD. Most likely your downloads folder unless you have a different destination designated.

My Movies, For the Retouch Project:

•••How to download a file from the PixelNRG website
Open a file with a missing Profile.
How To Straighten Crop a Photograph in Adobe Photoshop CC -
Video - How to make your image grayscale.
Make a duplicate layer of the background.
Locating the Tools, plus a quick look at the Navigator Panel -
Overview of the Image - Things to think about while getting started -
How To use the Healing Brush.
How To use the Clone Stamp.
How To use the Spot Healing Brush, Patch Tool and a bonus, Re-aligning the layers.
How to use a Rectangular Marquee to define your cloning edge
How to use the History Panel.
Did a part of your correction not look as great as you had hoped? If so you can copy the old bad to the new bad and start again. No need to redo the entire image. Here is how to do that
In this last video I just spend some time retouching an image using what we explored in the earlier videos.
•Bonus use the paint brush to draw a line.
Draw a straight line. Where you want your line to start click once. Move the curser to where you want the line to end. Hold the shift key and click the mouse, a straight line is drawn.
How to Re-Align your layers if skewed.

How to copy the Original Bad to the retouched worse. Only a part.

week 3: January 31 - February 6, 2022

Due: Retouch, Monday, January 31, 11:59PM

Assignment/how to: Colorize

My scanned images for you to use

Click on the link below. Choose the image you want. Click on the image to make it large. In the top left of the image look for menu, then download the original size. This will save to your HD. Most likely your downloads folder unless you have a different destination designated.

This video will help understand panels and workspaces - Photoshop Workspaces, Panels and more
Here we explore saving and backing up files -

My Movies for the Colorize Project:
RGB to Grayscale and back to RGB.
METHOD #1 - Only use this method for 3 - 5 layers

Fully understanding the layer masks with this project will set you up for success for the rest of the semester.
15-18 layers using these next 2 methods. Don't forget the opacity and blend mode exploration.

Spend the most time with methods 2 and 3.
If you feel comfortable with the Layer Masks you will be ahead of the game for the rest of the semester.
METHOD #2 -  
Make a more realistic image by using 2 or more like colors.
How to reproduce a color and save it in the Swatches Panel.
In this video I take you through the layers of a completed colorize project.

Photoshop shortcuts

week 4: February 7 - February 13, 2022

Due: Colorize, Monday, February 7, 11:59PM

Assignment: Sizing Images

My Images for you to use:

My Videos for You:
How to: Sizing

How to: Cropping

Resolution Explained:

week 5: February 14 - February 20, 2022

Due: Sizing, Monday, February 14, 11:59PM

Assignment/how to: Duotone/BatchRename/Contact Sheet
Use your own images for this one. Bring in a full resolution image to use for this project. Do not download an image from social media. Start with an image at least 3000 pixels on the longest side.

Traditional Duotone  VIDEO -

Create a Faux Duotone - VIDEO -

Explore some Adobe Bridge Basics to get Started - VIDEO.

How to Batch Rename Files within Bridge:  Video.

Create a Contact Sheet - Video -

Assignment Simple Actions

How To Video: Create a Simple Action

How To Video: Saving an Action in Adobe Photoshop

Final Portfolio: It is never too early to start working on your final project.

week 6: February 21- February 27, 2022

Due: Duotone/BatchRename/Contact Sheet, Monday, February 21, 11:59PM
Due: Simple Action, Monday, February 21, 11:59PM

Assignment: Levels (Global Correction)

My Images for you to use:
Download the 6 images to color correct using levels.

My Movies on Levels and Curves Adjustment Layers
*006 Setting the Eyedropper points in the Levels and Curves Adjustment Panels.

002 Levels Adjustment Panel, The White Eyedropper.

003 Levels Adjustment Panel - Gray Eyedropper.

004 Levels Panel Precise Adjustment

005 Levels Adjustment Panel Sliders. 

006 Two Quick Tips.

007 Use the White Eyedropper in the Levels Adjustment Panel to correct the color cast in this image.

008 Explore the Vibrance/Saturation Adjustment Panel in Adobe Photoshop.

009 Photo Filter Adjustment Panel in Adobe Photoshop.

010 Color Balance Adjustment Panel and Levels RGB Adjustments.


Assignment: Curves: Global Correction and Localized corrections on each image.

My Images for you to use:

A Quick Video - Image with selective curve edits.
Hi Everyone. In June 2020 Adobe changed the ACR interface. Everything is still there but it looks totally different. Next week we are introduced to the new interface. In the video below you see the old interface. Just fiolow along with the concepts of selective edits.

001 Introduction to the Curves Panel
002 Assignment Curves: Demo Edit
003 Editing an image using Curves and a Black and White Adjustment Layer
004 Curves and a little black paint on a transparent layer
005 Movie: Object Selection Tool

Assignment: Black and White including Localized Corrections
Black and White Adjustment Layer with Localized Corrections (Levels, Curves, Or) on each image.

My Movies for you:

001 Black and White Adjustment Layer in Adobe Photoshop - With a few selective edits:
002 Black and White Adjustment Layer in Adobe Photoshop:

week 7: February 28 - March 6, 2022

Due: Color Correction Levels, Monday, February 28, 11:59PM
Due: Color Correction Curves, Monday, February 28, 11:59PM - Looking for localized corrctions on each file
Due: B&W, Monday, February 28, 11:59PM - these would be helped with localized corrections. use your layer masks

What file formats can open into ACR from the Bridge

Assignment:  •CC ACR -Part 1
My Images for you to use:

Adobe, Introduction to Camera Raw:

New 2020 ACR Short Videos (I will be adding additional short videos about ACR)
YouTube Playlist:

00001 Intro to ACR Image dialog box:    
00002 Opening RAW, Jpg and TIFF files:
00003 Introduction to the DNG
00004 Introduction to ACR Interface June 2020 Release:
00005 Using The Basics Panel in ACR:
00006 Open, Done, Save:
00007 Working an image using the Basics Panel and a little Color mixer panel
00008 Using the Texture and Saturation Sliders:
00009 Resetting an Image to Camera RAW defaults:
00010 ACR - Bridge File Icons:
00011 White Balance Tool more in depth:
00012 Using the Crop Tool and Straighten Tool:
00013 Using the Geometry Panel:
00014 Using the Adjustment Brush:
00015 Using the Color Mixer Panel (Hue/Saturation/Luminance)
00016 Making a BW using the Saturation Slider:
00017 Making a BW using Profiles in ACR:
00018 Exploring the Split Tone Tab while making a Sepia Toned image and more:

week 8: March 7 - March 13, 2022
Due: ACR1, Monday, March 7, 11:59PM

Assignment: •CC ACR and More with Localized Corrections -Part 2
Use your own RAW images for this Project

36C) Using a Smart Filter and The Camera RAW Filter in PS
Be sure to explore these Tools and Panels in ACR
Graduated Filter
Radial Filter
Spot Removal Tool

Effects Panel in ACR
Curve Panel in ACR
Detail Panelin ACR

week 9: March 14 - March 20, 2022

Due: •CC ACR -Part 2, Monday, March 14, 11:59PM

Assignment/how to: Sharpening (Global and Localized)
Use your own images for this one. Start with an image at least 3000 pixels on the longest side.

My Movies on Sharpening

Watch this video first 
36D) What is a Master File:

001 Sharpening Prep/Unsharp Mask:
002 LAB Sharpening:
003 Luminosity Sharpening:
004 Layer Sharpening:
005 High Pass Sharpening:
006  Localized  Sharpening:

If you are a Canon shooter what lens do you shoot with? Is it a pro lens?
If not check out a pro lens from CSN and make a sharpness comparison.
It is worth the money to buy a pro lens?

week 10: March 21 - March 27, 2022
MEDIA TECH FEST - EXTRA Credit for attending this Fun, Fantastic Engaging Event.

10 Points per event/talk/demo attended - Submit photos and a write up of your experience for each event/talk/demo attended by Monday April 4th.

Due: Global Sharpening, Monday, March 21, 11:59PM
Due: Localized Sharpening, Monday, March 21, 11:59PM
(Must have layer masks to reveal the selective sharpening on each file for the localized sharpening)

Assignment/how to: Female Portrait

Assignment/how to: Male Portrait

Assignment/how to: Liquify

How to: Portrait Retouching Techniques - At the end of this page you will find a workflow guide.

My Movies on portrait retouching
44) Intro to Portraits- Base Retouch
45) Clone, Opacity, Blend
46) The Mouth-Teeth
47) Eye and Teeth Whitening
48) Hair Coloring
49) Wrinkle Reduction
50) Selective Sharpening
51) Luminance Masking

If you can see something in a portrait you would like to fix, do it - Google additional portrait videos. There are a ton of good ones out there. At this point you should have a grasp of the tools, and vocabulary to look explore and try. Go For It!

A great book
Professional Portrait Retouching Techniques for Photographers Using Photoshop (Voices That Matter) by Scott Kelby

Don’t want to change the skin tones much with an adjustment layer, change the blend mode to luminosity

Assignment - Work in Progress - The Final
Canvas Will Lock Submissions at 11:59 
You will not be able to submit your work late.

Submit 5-10 images In Canvas
-These do not need to be edited just an example of the direction you are heading.
-All images for your final must be shot for your final not pulled from past assignments or past years.

-Include a short written statement of your concept also through Canvas.
-Tell me your concept and how you plan to accomplish your idea.

Final Portfolio: It is never too early to start working on your final project.

week 11: March 28 - April 3, 2022

Due: Female Retouch, Monday, March 28, 11:59PM

Due: Work in Progress - The Final - Monday, March 28, 11:59PM
I am happy to look at the work and help guide you at any time with your final project

Portrait Continued:
We will continue working on the portrait assignment. Practice is how you become a photoshop guru… Remember not every technique is appropriate for every image, working on a second image will give you a chance to practice techniques you did not use on the first portrait. If you started with a woman your next portrait could be a man, child, push yourself.

More of my my movies on portrait retouching.

51) Male Retouch
52) Male Sharpening
53) Dodge and Burn Vignette

week 12: April 4 - April 10, 2022

Due: Male Retouch, Monday, April 4, 11:59PM
Due: Liquify Retouch, Monday, April 4, 11:59PM

Assignment: 3 images 4 ways
Use your own images for this one.

Spring Break - April 11 - April 17

week 13: April 18 - April 24, 2022
Due: 3 Images 4 Ways, Monday, April 18, 11:59PM

Assignment/how to: Borders
Use your own images for this one. Start with images at least 3000 pixels on the longest side.

My Movies on borders and vignetting

52) Simple Stroke
53) Extended Canvas
54) Border and Text
55) Painted Border 1 - Brushes
56) Painted Border 2 - Alternative process look -

week 14: April 25 - May 1, 2022
Due: Borders, Monday,  April 25, 11:59PM

week 15: May 2 - May 8, 2022
All late projects or re-submissions are Due by Monday,  May 2, 11:59PM
Canvas Will Lock Submissions at 11:59 
You will not be able to submit your work late.

week 16: FINALS Week: May 9 - May 15, 2022

Final Project Due -Monday, May 9, 2022 11:59pm
Canvas Will Lock Submissions at 11:59 
You will not be able to submit your work late.

Final Portfolio: 


As opportunities arise, I reserve the right to alter the order and to add too or subtract from this syllabus or weekly semester guide.