Assignment: Long Term Project

You will work one idea for many weeks, maybe even years. The idea will be conceptually/subject based, defined by your interests. These interests will fuel research. The research will fuel the image-making process. You will evaluate the images as you create. You will strive to make additional images that grow the idea, not repeat what you have made. The idea can grow or change as you create your series. The series can break into sub series. Be open to where the work goes without letting the journey slow you down. Start making today!

Technical Skills:
Shutter Speed, Aperture, ISO, Focus, Composition, Concept, Research.

You will use your photographic skills to show the viewer the importance of your concept. All photographs must be technically proficient.

Things to think about:
Conceptual Goals:
- Where has the idea come from and where do you hope to take it?
- What work has influenced you?
- Has the idea come from a certain tradition or genre?
- What photographers or artists have influenced you, your work?
- Is this related to your project?
- What question or issue do you wish to explore?
- Is there a problem you want to investigate?
- Why should it be important to us?
- How does the idea link to broader fields such as sociology, anthropology, economics, cultural geography, psychology? You may also make links to the humanities such as literature, poetry, history, philosophy, music, art.
- What related readings and research do you plan to do?
- From what other sources will you gather information?
-Creativity, what are your passions?

Contextual Strategy:
- If your work relies on the cooperation of others, you should explore how you are going to obtain this cooperation, and have a backup plan if this fails.
- Who is your audience? How do you expect them to respond to the work?
- If you are shooting out of town over one weekend, what happens if you do not get the number of images you need? What is your backup plan?
- Create a timeline with finish dates for each stage of the project.

Technical Goals:
- Camera, format?
- Black and white, color, alternative process, traditional darkroom prints, pigment prints?
- Digital techniques, darkroom techniques?

Quantity and Dimensions of Artwork to be Produced:
- How many pieces will you create per week?
- When will you start making proof prints/work prints? This is crucial for sequencing the work.
- When should you start working on final prints, matting and framing work, or putting the book together?

Final Presentation:
- Prints, size, paper?
- Mats, size, thickness, color (white)?
- Bleed mount? On what substrate?
- Book: Print on demand or handmade?
- Website?
- Mixed media presentation?
- Presentation Box: Purchased or handmade?
• Order samples of mat board, book paper, printing paper, anything you can think of in advance. These samples may alter your final presentation.

The Budget:
Cost to make this series?
- Include materials, travel, anything that has a cost. Don’t forget about your time.

This is also the starting point for writing your artist statement.

What is your timeline to get this project done?