PHO101 - Camera and App Guide.

Camera Requirement:
You can use the mobile device for the class or a DSLR or mirrorless digital camera.

CSN does have cameras for check out.
•For any Check-out of equipment, you must present a current CSN student ID. Without an ID no equipment will be checked out. If you are not sure about the operation of a new camera ASK, your instructor or a lab tech on proper handling and usage. At the time of checkout you may be tested on the operation of equipment. If you do not pass the test you will not be given equipment.
•Students must supply their own SD cards for recording images when photographing and a card reader for downloading images to a computer.

There are some great buys on starter cameras if you look.
Our local full service camera store is B&C Camera.

Here is a playlist from my YouTube channel on cameras.
The videos here are to help you understand what camera you might want to purchase. A little info on Crop sensors . Why you might want a mirrorless camera and more.

Subscribe to my channel Youtube Channel here.
 This Channel is a collection of videos I have made for my students and videos from others that will inspire. You will find basic to advanced Photoshop skills...


We will use apps on the phone or tablet for editing or you can upgrade to a computer option.

••• A) Adobe Lightroom Mobile $4.99 a month - in app purchase. 1st download the app to your phone and then purchase the monthly subscription from there. This is the basics of what we will need - This only works on your mobile devices not a laptop or desktop computer.

B) Adobe Photography Plan $9.99 a month - Computer & Mobile - Includes Lightroom Mobile, Photoshop, Portfolio and more.
Purchase by going to Adobe Website. Look for the individuals tab and select the $9.99 Photography Plan.

C) All Creative Cloud $19.99 a month - If you are taking Graphic Design and Video classes along with photography this is what you want.

- All CSN Computer and Print Labs have Adobe Creative Cloud Available to use for free.


Snapseed - Mobile - Free
Apple App Store:
Google Play:


Adobe Portfolio - - Browser App - Free with any $9.99 or higher Adobe Creative Cloud account.

Adobe Express Presentation - Mobile & Computer Browser - Free -



If you are taking a photo class for fun and will not be taking advanced studio classes I would buy a mirrorless camera. A Fuji, Sony, Canon or Nikon. If a Photo Major and want to use your own camera throughout the program think about the options below. I am happy to talk with anyone about cameras and equipment anytime.

From Larry Marx our NLV Lab manager and all around good guy and knower of most things photographically technical. My go to human for tech.

Hi Everyone,                                                                                                     25 Aug 2022

Heather requested I draw up a list of usable cameras that can be used in PHO 101 Classes as well as advance classes in the studio.  Certain cameras will not operate in advanced classes because the universal ground was removed from the hot shoe. I listed Canon because we have a large supply of canon gear on hand.

Most Nikons are ok, but the newer ones have a funky port   on the front of the hot shoe.  We can work around that.

Sony and Fujifilm cameras take a lot of finagling to set up and work in the studio. Some have a dedicated shoe that will not work with studio triggers and attachments. Most students who have Sony and Fugifilm cameras, default to our Canon 7D Mk IIs for ease of use.

I went to and and looked at cameras. Many cameras that will work in our program were under $200 (Body Only). Remember, we have lenses that students can check out for assignments.