Define the Technical

Throughout the semester we have been exploring many technical and creative approaches. One of our final projects is to use photographs to demonstrate your understanding of these concepts. I find when you define the concept in writing, it will help to define the photographic concept when you are creating your image. Research and explore the concepts below.

Your assignment is to give a written definition for each prompt. 
Submit as a word document or a PDF through Canvas.

1) Great Depth of Field.

2) Shallow Depth of Field.

3) Stopped Action.

4) Movement in the image that is aesthetically pleasing.

5) Panned Action.

6) High ISO image. 

7) Leading Lines.

8) Rule of Thirds.

9a) Bugs Eye View.

9b) Birds Eye View.

10) Symmetry within the image.

11) Texture, adding content to the image.

12) Pattern, adding content to the image.

13) Reflection Image.

14) Shadow Image.

15) Low light Image, properly exposed and in focus.

16) An image Cropped Square.

17) A Backlit Image or Silhouette.

18) Close-Up, in focus. MACRO.

19) An Image with a  Dominant Foreground Subject, and great depth of field.

20) Black and White Image.         

21) A Warm-Toned Image, appropriate to the content.

22) Sepia Images.

23) Cool Toned Image.

24) Dramatic Atmospheric Light.

25) Image with a Dominant Color.

26) Triangular Composition.