Assignments: Introduction to Adobe Spark. (Presentation)

•To understand the beginning stages of professionally sharing images with clients, galleries and future prospects.
•To problem solve and find the best way to make a Presentation Using Adobe Spark, exploring image placement and text.
We will create an Adobe Spark Presentation (Web Page).

•Choose images that hold together as a series or idea. Your own images, made this semester.
•Choose 15-20 images  Select only your strongest images - in focus - properly exposed - edited using LRM.
•Put the selected edited images in a LRM Album to export.
            -If building your presentation from your desktop put all the images in a folder.
            -If building your presentation on a mobile device put the images into your camera roll.
•When creating the Presentation add text, walk me through your images. What you did. What you were thinking. What you did with processing, anything you want to share.
•Include your name in the Presentation.
•A title for the project at the start of the Presentation.
•Captions for your images.
•Your email at the end of the Presentation.
•Include your Instagram or other social media or email you use where people could follow you at the end of the Presentation.
•Have fun

Submit the Adobe Spark URL through Canvas.

Access Adobe Spark from this link. From your computer browser or on your phone or tablet.

Recommendations, tips, thoughts:
•Size your files - Image resolution is limited to 2560px width.
•Use jpg images.
•This is a photography class, showcase your work. Think about how and where you use text, color and design elements.


How to Adobe Spark Presentations - Videos and web page  how to:

•Getting Started with Adobe Spark.  By Teachers Tech.  
You can skip the video section in the middle.

•Making a Presentation.

*Interactive Presentations with Adobe Spark:


Below are 4 links to Spark Pages done in my Las Vegas Document class.
These will give you an idea of what is possible.

These are all stories about a time in history.
Think about these and also think how they could inspire your final projects.

•Green Therapy - Jane Pearce

•The Las Vegas Streets from My Camera Lens - Sandi Love

•Solely Vegas - Keyon Mack

Additional Student Projects:

•Green is for hope  - Nohely Gutierrez

Richard Pereira:

Fernando Lopez

Leinani Shak Yosaitis