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Spring 2022

3-07-2022 -
Jean-Luc Godard, Seth Godin, Elliott Erwitt, David Lynch, Nevada Wier, Stefan Sagmeister, Scott Nidermaier

3-04-2022 -[UNIQID]
Reese Photography Contest 2022

2-22-2022 -[UNIQID]
Dan Mcalhattan III, Pandemic art and Links

2-2-2022 -
Chris Gardner, Samer Fouad, Lweis Baltz, Joan Miro, Keith Carter, Creativity Exercises

01-24-2022 -
James Clear, Seth Godin, Malcolm Gladwell, James Altucher, Brene Brown

Fall 2021

12-06-2021 -
Spring 2022 Class Promos

11-29-2021 -
Spring 2022 Class Promos, Heather Protz - Destination, Savidan Gallery, Linda Alterwitz, Elizabeth Stone

11-22-2021 -[UNIQID]
Professor Antonio Gomez - WIF Presentation, Steve McCurry, Dorthea Lange, Roger Ballen

11-15-2021 -[UNIQID]
Professor Heather Protz, Animal Photography Spotlight: Theron Humphrey, Elke Vogelsang, William Wegman

11-08-2021 -[UNIQID]
Mark Wayman, Bob Buford, Scott Galloway, Pivot Podcast, AIGA - Las Vegas
Professional Organizations: SPE, WPPI, PPA,  ASMP, AIGA, NAB, The Academy of Television and Broadcasters, Cinegear

11-01-2021 -[UNIQID]
Adobe Max, Professor Antonio Gomez - Street Photography

10-25-2021 -[UNIQID]
Tim Ferriss, AAF Western Conference, Chris Gardner, Heather Protz and the WIF Group Talk to WCTA HS

10-18-2021 -[UNIQID]
Elyse Diamond, Guillermo del Toro, Andy Seliverstoff - Little Kids Big Dogs

10-11-2021 -
10th Annual CSN Film Fest, Summerlin Arts Fest

10-4-2021 -
Gear Discounts: Sigma, Tamron, Apple, Photo Video EDU

9-27-2021 -
Academic Success, Austin Kleon, Getty's 5 Most Popular Exhibitions, Diane Bush

9-20-2021 -
Life of an Artist, Megan J. Herbert, Ted Lasso - Quotes, Elizabeth Ferrer - Latinx Photography Publication

9-13-2021 -
Notebooks - Moleskin, Designworksink, Field Notes, Georgia O'Keefe, Alfred Stieglitz, Ansel Adams, Todd Webb, Tony Vaccaro, David Carson, Andy Warhol

9-6-2021 -
Canvas Help - Canvas Guides, Jonathan Boarini, John Aliano, Sean Collett, Chuck Lohman, Bob Benedetto, Mark Olson, Chase Jarvis, Chelsea Crews, Seth Godin, Kelly Schwarze, Jessica, Walsh

8-30-2021 -
Our 1st Newsletter, Lee Friedlander, Debbie Millman