PHO102BDE Digital Photographic Imaging
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As opportunities arise, I reserve the right to alter the order and to add to or subtract from this syllabus or weekly semester guide.


PHO  102B - 1001   Digital Photographic Imaging I
PHO  102B - 1002   Digital Photographic Imaging I


Course Description: Introduction to basic digital image manipulation via layers, layer masks, color correction, and retouching. Scans of film and prints along with digital captures will be used. Students must be familiar with computer navigation, and saving files to portable hard drives and various disks. Students are encouraged to take this class simultaneously with PHO 101B. 

The student must be familiar with computer navigation, saving files, renaming files and using the internet.

The Class:
1) Work consistently, don’t procrastinate. Things will go wrong. To get the most out of this class you should plan on working in Photoshop every day for the next 15 weeks.
1a) OK this is a jam filled class. don’t wait to get started. Start NOW! NOW! NOW!
2) Have fun, explore, share ideas, have an open mind, be respectful or others, work hard, shoot more. Negativity and sarcasm ruin the class. Constructive opinions are welcome, I am open to opinions that are thought out and expressed appropriately.
3) Because this class is mainly a technical class you will not be getting much aesthetic criticism from me. I will email you if you have a problem with a project and let you know how to improve. If your work fits within the technical parameters you will not hear much from me. But feel FREE to get in touch with me whenever you need to. I check email regularly and will get back to you. Ask questions, let me know what you are thinking. send me links to photographers you like, let me know your successes.
4) Start at the top of the page,  Week one, and work your way through finals week.  Every week is laid out for you to follow. All assignments that are due are in green. Every week you will find Links to the projects, to my videos, and more to explore. It is your responsibility to keep up and view all information and links on the website. Watch the videos they show you exactly what I am looking for, from you, on each project.
If you have any troubles or questions, email me sooner rather than later. I can help and want you to succeed. So push yourself to explore and learn, but if you get to something that makes you scratch your head for too long, shoot me an email.

Please email me at:

You will need QuickTime installed on your computer to view videos. This is a free download.

You will need Java installed on your computer  (it should already be installed, it is also a free download. You may need to update your version if your files do not upload

Book: optional. I have no readings outlined, but books are a good way to round out the info I have for you.

HANDING IN YOUR WORK and viewing grades:
We will work from Canvas for this. Submit you files here and look at your grades and comments from me on your projects.

TITLING INFO: Please name files: LastName_FirstInitial_ProjectName.Extension
Mary Smith retouch should be turned in as:    Smith_M_retouch.psd

Files not names properly named will not be accepted.
I will not know the file belongs to you without your name.
I will not know the project without the project name included.
Makes sense, right?
ONLY UPLOAD FILES, NOT FOLDERS -do not zip files or folders
All files should be 2160 Pixels on the longest side 240ppi, 8bit
(exceptions are the files I provide to you)

I want to see Layers in these files!

•Layered Canvas (saved as .PSD or .TIFF file)
•Retouch (saved as .PSD or .TIFF file)
•Colorize  (saved as .PSD or .TIFF file)
•Duotone Contact Sheet (this can be turned in as a .PDF, .PSD, .Tiff, .JPG)
•Color Correction Part 1, (6 images saved as .PSD or .TIFF files)
•Color Correction Part 2 (6 images saved as .PSD )
•Color Correction Part 3 (6 images saved as .PSD or .TIFF files)
•Color Correction Part 4 (6 images saved as .DNG)
•Sharpening Techniques (5 files -same image sharpened with different techniques.  .PSD or .TIFF files)
•Creative sharpening (5
images saved as .PSD or .TIFF files)
•Portrait Female (saved as .PSD or .TIFF files)
•Portrait Male  (saved as .PSD or .TIFF files)
•Portrait Liquify (saved as .PSD or .TIFF files)

•Borders (3 Layered  .PSD or .TIFF files)
•PDF Presentation (one slideshow file)
•Final Project (8 Images saved as .PSD or .TIFF files, Check the final Project page for all specs for this project)

•••Any Project can be turned in BEFORE the due date•••      

week 1: Mon, August 28 – Sun, September 3, 2017

Remember to check the pixelnrg blog (the home tab) for info on what is happening around school and around town. You will also find photographers and tech stuff to get you thinking.


Office Hours

Assignment: Who Are You, Send an email to (save this email for future use)
Include your first and last name. Best phone number to reach you. Best email to reach you. Favorite photographer that is not Ansel Adams. Look one up if one does not come to mind. Tell me why you are drawn to the photographers work. Tell me what photography classes you have had. Turn in by Monday September 4th, 8am for full credit.

Final Portfolio: Its never to early to start working on your final project.
getting started thinking about your final portfolio
Protz artist statement portfolio
A portfolio is more than a shoot!

•Watch this video before the next class

Terry White, The Interface, 59:09  -The good info starts around 5:50.
Be sure to take notes as you are watching.


week 2: Mon, September 4 – Sun, September 10, 2017

Introduction to Photoshop

Tools, Panels, creating a canvas.
Today we will explore photoshop, open a new canvas, look at panels, play with the tools. This will be an overview of where things are. how to pick a tool. color panels, setting up your photoshop color space for at home.

Watch some movie by me, Remember to click the play button at the bottom of the movie window.
1) About setting up the color space:

Set up your color space on your home computer:
Edit – Color Space  : I recommend  North America Prepress 2 and keeping the Adobe RGB (1998) color space. Your color space depends on your output. here at school we are using Inkjet printers and the Adobe 1998 or ProPhoto RGB would be a  good choice.

Assignment: layered, new canvas

Macintosh Keyboard PC Keyboard
Command Key    =    Control Key
Option Key    =    Alt Key
Delete Key    =    Backspace Key
Return Key    =    Enter Key

2) Create a New Canvas: 02newCanvas
3) Marquee Tools: 03marquee
4) Lasso Tools: 04lasso
5) Gradient Layer: 05Gradient
6) Panels: 06panels

Check this out: A guide to the Tool Panel. Print this out!​​​​​​​

week 3: Mon, September 11 – Sun, September 17, 2017

Layered Canvas Due Mon, September 11, 11:59pm
You upload your assignments through Canvas.
Let me know if you have any questions.

assignment/how to: Retouch
(you will be retouching on old damaged photograph for this project. Later in the semester we will be working on portrait retouching of faces)

my scanned images for you to use

Watch some movie by me, Remember to click the play button at the bottom of the movie window.
07) Straighten and Crop an image 007straighten_crop
08) Duplicate Layers 008duplicatelayers
09) Turning your RGB image to Grayscale 009B&W ( If you take your image to grayscale you CANNOT get the RGB information back)
010) Healing Brush and Clone Stamp 010healing_clone
011) Spot Healing Brush and Patch Tool 011spot_patch_SpotHealing
012) History Panel 012history_cursors
013) Copy and Paste 013CopyPaste
014) Watch more retouching 014WatchMore
015) 015)OneLast Thing

week 4: Mon, September 18 – Sun, September 24, 2017

Retouch Due: Mon, September 18, 11:59pm

Assignment/how to: colorize

PS shortcuts

Watch a Video About: sizing your image, from Photoshop essentials. com

Resolution explained

Watch some movie by me, Remember to click the play button at the bottom of the movie window.
016) Colorize Method 1 016method1
017) Colorize Method 2 017method2
018) Colorize Method 3 018Method3
019) Additional colorize info 019Additional_Info

week 5: Mon, September 25 – Sun, October 1, 2017

Colorize Due Monday, September 25, 11:59pm
(size your file 2160 pixels on the longest side, 240ppi, 8bit)

Assignment/how to: Duotone/BatchRename/Contact Sheet

Watch some movie by me, Remember to click the play button at the bottom of the movie window.
020) Duotone 019duotone
021) Fake Duotone 020_FakeDuotone

022) Bridge Basics 021_BridgeBasics

023) batch rename 023_batchrename
024) create a contact sheet 024_contactsheet

Start planning, start shooting, the end of the semester will be here before you know it. Discuss your ideas and images with me. I am a valuable resource. All work must be photographed this semester!  -print it

week 6: Mon, October 2 – Sun, October 8, 2017

Duotone/BatchRename/Contact Sheet Due  Monday, October 2, 11:59pm

Color Calibration and Profiles some info from x-rite  Check out the videos here - You can get a student discount on these. To be a professional you need to work in a calibrated environment - At a minimum your monitor should be calibrated.

Some of you may want to make better prints, watch the videos below.
Make BETTER Inkjet Prints… the EASY WAY!
by CrockettCo Technology

Tutorials from Adobe

Check out this website:

Assignment: Color Correction part 1

Download the images below.
Click on the link below, see the image, using your mouse, click, hold, drag image to desktop, save to HD
download the 6 images to color correct using levels.

My Movies on Color Correction
25) setting whitepoint, blackpoint numbers 18wbpoint
26) Levels Zilla image 19levelszilla
27) Another Levels
28) Sliders adjustment 21sliders
29) Whitepoint with Sliders 22wpsliders
30) Levels with Vibrance Adjustment Layer 23levelsvibrance
31) Levels with Photo Filter Adjustment Layer 24levelsphotofilter
32) 4 ways to remove a color cast 25bluecast
33) Screen and Multiply Blend Mode Adjustment 26lightmulti

week 7: Mon, October 9 – Sun, October 15, 2017

Color Correction Part 1 Due: Monday, October 9, 11:59pm

Assignment: Color Correction Part 2 •use the images from Shooting the Target

My Movies on Color Correction: Adobe Camera Raw
34) Set up ACR (Adobe Camera Raw)
35) White Balance ACR
36) Shadow Slider ACR
37) Clarity Slider ACR

INFO about Adobe Camera RAW

week 8: Mon, October 16 – Sun, October 22, 2017

Color Correction Part 2 due: Monday, October 16, 11:59pm

Assignment: Color Correction Part 3 •All files must have Localized Corrections

Assignment: Color Correction Part 4 •Explore Adobe Camera RAW

Don’t want to change the skintones much with an adjustment layer, change the blend mode to luminosity…


week 9: Mon, October 23 – Sun, October 29, 2017

Color Correction Part 3 due: Monday, October 23, 11:59pm  (.PSD Files)
Color Correction Part 4 due: Monday, October 23, 11:59pm  (.PSD Files)

If you are a Canon shooter what lens do you shoot with? is it a pro lens?
If not check out a pro lens from CSN and make a sharpness comparison.
It is worth the money to buy a pro lens?

FINAL PORTFOLIO This is the third time you’ve seen this. Do you think it is important. If you have not started shooting for your final, Start Today… DUE WEEK 15*** A final portfolio is a series of images from multiple sessions, not just one shoot. You build on what you learn from shoot to shoot.
Sample ideas for portfolios: all of these portfolios were found on the Photo Eye website. Great work, gallery and bookstore in Santa Fe New Mexico.

Assignment/how to: Sharpening

My Movies on sharpening
38) Sharpening Prep/Unsharp Mask
39) LAB Sharpening
40) Luminosty Sharpening
41) Layer Sharpening
42) High Pass Sharpening
43)  Creative/Portion Sharpening

If you are a Canon shooter what lens do you shoot with? is it a pro lens?
If not check out a pro lens from CSN and make a sharpness comparison.
It is worth the money to buy a pro lens?

week 10: Mon, October 30 – Sun, November 5, 2017

Sharpening Techniques  -  Due: Monday, October 30, 11:59pm
Sharpening Creative -  Due: Monday, October 30, 11:59pm

Assignment/how to: Female Portrait

Assignment/how to: Male Portrait

Assignment/how to: Liquify

how to: Portrait Retouching Techniques

A great book
Professional Portrait Retouching Techniques for Photographers Using Photoshop (Voices That Matter) by Scott Kelby

My Movies on portrait retouching
44) Intro to Portraits- Base Retouch
45) Clone, Opacity, Blend
46) The Mouth-Teeth
47) Eye and Teeth Whitening
48) Hair Coloring
49) Wrinkle Reduction
50) Selective Sharpening


week 11: Mon, November 6 – Sun, November 12, 2017

Portrait Continued:

We will continue working on the portrait assignment. Practice is how you become a photoshop guru… Remember not every technique is appropriate for every image, working on a second image will give you a chance to practice techniques you did not use on the first portrait. If you started with a woman your next portrait should be a man, push yourself. I expect you to produce 2 images exploring photoshop, techniques found online, in books, in magazines, that a friend has shared with you. explore!!! this is a 50 point project! I have great expectations!

more of my my movies on portrait retouching

51) Male Retouch
52) Selective Sharpening
52) Dodge and Burn Vignette
53) Liquify

week 12: Mon, November 13 – Sun, November 19, 2017

Portrait Female Due: Monday, November 13, 11:59pm
Portrait Male Due: Monday, November 13, 11:59pm
Portrait Liquify Due: Monday, November 13, 11:59pm

Assignment/how to: Borders

My Movies on borders and vignetting

52) Simple Stroke
53) Extended Canvas
54) Border and Text
55) Painted Border - Brushes
56) Painted Border 2

week 13: Mon, November 20 – Sun, November 26, 2017

Borders Due: Monday, November 20, 11:59pm

Assignment/how to PDF Presentation

My Movies
62) Create a Start and End Slide for your Presentation
63) Automate the Presentation

week 14: Mon, November 27 – Sun, December 3, 2017

Presentation Due: Monday, November 27, 11:59pm

Use this week to make the best possible final portfolio. You should have the images now work the Photoshop Magic.

week 15: Mon, December 4​​​​​​ – Sun, December 10, 2017

Work on Final Project 

All Semester Projects (work from week 1-14) must be turned in by Monday May 2, 11:59pm, for any credit

Finals Week Final Portfolio Due December 13, 11:59pm
Final Project Guidelines
It is best to turn in the work early. The system can glitch with potentially 40,000 students turning in work all at once.