PHO112B Digital Photographic Imaging II

•••Print this page as your weekly semester guide•••
As opportunities arise, I reserve the right to alter the order and to add to or subtract from this syllabus or weekly semester guide. In this course students will explore the newest trends and techniques in the fields of commercial and fine are photography, including advanced selection techniques and master printing philosophies. You will be exploring content, sequencing and presentation of your digital work.

94010 - PHO  112B - 2001 - Digital Photographic Imaging II Tu 6:00PM - 9:50PM Cheyenne 1744 Protz

Week 1 -TU, Aug 25, 2015


Who Are You:

Office Hours

Class Rules:
1) Don’t be late for class. This class starts on time. Slides, discussion, how to -this is the core of the class.
2) Negativity and sarcasm ruin the class. Constructive opinions are welcome, I am open to opinions that are thought out and expressed appropriately.
3) Always have your notebook and images with you for class.
4) Work consistently, don’t procrastinate. Things will go wrong.
5) Have fun, explore, share ideas, have an open mind, be respectful or others, work hard, shoot more.

Book: No book is required, but this is a good book to have in your library. Adobe Photoshop CC for Photographers: A professional image editor’s guide to the creative use of Photoshop for the Macintosh and PC Paperback, by Martin Evening

assignment: Explore your camera (1of 3)
- For this assignment you may want to use a white board to record your settings and shoot the board in each shot.
Camera Manual Library 1997 – 2012

Read for discussion during next class
info: dng_primer
info: linear_gamma
info: understanding resolution

Final Project:
Movies to help you define your final project

Week 2 -TU, Sept 1, 2015

assignment_ISO (2of 3)
Getting to know your camera, setting it up correctly, discussion of shooting modes assignment:
assignment: assignment_white balance (3of 3)
shoot the images over the next week to complete in class , bring paper, images, Hard drive or Flashdrive

Product Page: expodisc Watch a ExpoDisc Instructional Video and Pro Photographers Discuss the ExpoDisc

Product Page: WhiBal   white balance reference card video:
user guide:


Read: Gray scale cards revisited

Week 3 -TU, Sept 8, 2015

DUE•••Explore Your Camera  (1of 3) hand in on flashdrive in envelope with written conclusions and prints•••

•••Bring your memory card with raw images and a card reader to class•••
- Camera Raw info_camera_raw this is a bit outdated, check out the 2 links below

Digital Camera Raw File Support CC

Camera Raw PS CC
Camera Raw Filter -this is awesome!!

Camera Raw CC, By: Julieanne Kost

Adobe’s Lens Profile Corrections by John Paul Caponigro

Camera Raw: Apply color and tonal adjustments to areas of a photo, like traditional dodging and burning, with the Adjustment Brush and Graduated Filter.


Adobe Metadata

Week 4 -TU, Sept 15, 2015
Due •••Explore Your Camera  (2 of 3 & 3 of 3)  hand in on flashdrive in envelope with written conclusions and prints•••

assignment: Business Cards

assignment: Paper Test
We will choose papers in class today. You will choose not me… Send me an email before the end of class with the paper you are purchasing  

Papers Picked 2015

assignment: Lab Test

If you are not working in a calibrated environment you will not see accurate color… Check out the information below.

X-Rite Website    
We will explore the x-rite website in class looking at their online training EZcolor with i1Display Bundle details, support training, library i1 Display 2 details, support training, library i1 Display LT ColorMunki Photo this is cool…

Set your screen background to a neutral gray so your eyes are not fooled when color correcting your images.

Week 5 -TU, Sept 22, 2015

assignment: Panorama
Bridge/Photoshop CC2015 photomerge update

Do not wait. jump in, start shooting. Either you will be hooked and never want to stop or you will need to reshoot. Try the merge at home. Bring in merged panos ready to print, this approach will help you, giving you time to work on your final projects. Have you started your final project?

FINAL PROJECT INFO - I hope you started shooting

Week 6 -TU, Sept 29, 2015

Tilt Shift Assignment:

- Create 4 Tilt shift images using PS6
- Shoot from up high for greatest effect.
- Assignment Link:

Week 7 -TU, Oct 6, 2015

assignment: Digi-Blend

Week 8 -TU, Oct 13, 2015

SHOOT 6pm Golden Gate Casino
Meet at Main and Fremont in front on the Golden Gate Casino, the oldest casino in Las Vegas.  Your goal is to shoot panos, tilt shift and digi blends. maybe some textures and if you have not started your final, maybe something will catch your eye.  Never go off on your own always photograph with someone. mapquest map of area

If you are a Canon shooter what lens do you shoot with is it a pro lens? If not check out a pro lens from Larry and make a sharpness comparison. It is worth the money to buy a pro lens.

Week 9 -TU, Oct 20, 2015

printing panos today in class

assignment: Focus Stacking

Filters VS Photoshop

Week 10 -TU, Oct 27, 2015

•••Panos Due••• we will be printing these for the next few weeks

Paper trade in class today… no paper
-you will lose a letter grade on the project. start printing paper test. bring image…

assignment: Replacement Backgrounds includes how to: Shadows

FINAL PROJECT INFO - The due date will be here before you know it!

Week 11 -TU, Nov 3, 2015

•••tilt -shift due•••

assignment: Constructed Reality

Info: Blend Modes

Week 12 -TU, Nov 10, 2015

•••Digi – Blend Due •••
You must attend class to get credit.
I can help you with your constructed reality or final project images. If you have not printed your paper test today is a good day.

Week 13 -TU, Nov 17, 2015

•••Replacement Background Due •••
•••Focus Stacking due•••

We will work on getting caught up with everything!
You must attend class to get credit. I can help you with your constructed reality or final project images.

Week 14 -TU, Nov 24, 2015

•••Paper Test Due Beginning of class•••
•••Lab Test Due Beginning of class•••
•••Business Card•••
•••Constructed Reality Due•••

All class assignments must be turned in this week for any credit!

Week 15 -TU, Dec 1, 2015

Final Projects Due at the End of Class…
No late projects accepted…
Remember work must be original for this class no work turned in for another class or a paying job will be accepted.
A final project is more than a single shoot. You should have been working on this for a good part of the semester.

Finals Dec 8

•••Final Critique During Final Class Session, you will be marked down 1 letter grade if you miss the final critique•••