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Inspired: 8-26-2016

Inspired: 6-24-2016

Click the link below to check out some of Nandita Rajasekaran's Photography. Get inspired for your final projects!


Inspired: 6-22-2016

Did you watch Mondays post? You should. I bought the book. Read it yesterday. I'm inspired.

inspired: 6-20-2016

This talk was amazing and inspirational, WATCH IT!



Visit the Chase Jarvis WEBSITE:

inspired: 6-15-2016

Check out this series of work, 12 cities, portraits of creatives. Click a city and scroll down!


Inspired: 6-13-2016

Elizabeth Gilbert: 6-10-2016


Photoshop World is coming to Vegas!

July 19-21

They have educational pricing to attend.

Not only will you learn Photoshop techniques, many great photographers are there showing you what they do on set and with a camera.

Check it out at this link.

Welcome: 6-6-2016

Welcome to summer semester 2016!

This summer will fly by, get started working now. Remember if you have any questions email me at

To get you inspired:

15 of the best photography blogs to help you become a better photographer


Facebook groups at CSN - join these today, keep up to date with everything happening and learn about events around town and elsewhere.

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You are not a photographer unless you produce/create/make/shoot images - Get Snapping!


inspired: 4-18-2016

inspired: 4-11-2016

inspired: 4-4-2016

FotoFest - CSN - is Coming

Mark your calendars for all the events, speakers and fun we will be having. April 11-15, 2016.

Check out the Sigma Contest that will run all week. - Win a Lens!!

There is a drop down link at the top of this site for easy retrieval during the event.
Hope to see you all there!



inspired: 3-28-2016

I met Mike Davis last summer. I had the opportunity to watch and listen to him review and sequence eight images each, from 20 great photographers. What he kept and why, the sequence of the images and why. It was a highlight of my summer and it comes back to me every time I look to edit my work.

Something to think about. Do you edit a photograph or do you edit a body of work?