Snappy Snappy: WPPI Extra Credit

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WPPI Scavenger hunt of not BORING expo photos.
Capture dynamic, well exposed images of your WPPI adventure.


1) Make an image of the convention center.

2) Photograph a crowd. Remember not a boring crowd shot.

3) Photograph a crowd and within the image let us know where you are. An expo booth, a demonstration, listening to a lecture, Canon, Nikon, Epson, etc.

4) Photograph a dissected camera or lens.

5) Photograph a famous photographer. Get their name. When emailing me the images include the photographers name. you only get credit if you know their name.

6) Photograph your favorite booth and when emailing me the images tell me why it was your favorite booth.

7) Photograph a model.

8) Photograph the most interesting person you see. When emailing me the images tell my why you thought they were interesting.

9) Photograph someone with a BIG camera.

10) Make a WOW photo. Photograph something that is way cool. Use a cool technique in post processing of your photo. When I look at the photo I want to say wow.

• Email me your 10 images.
• Size them 2048 pixels on the long side 72ppi
• Save as .jpg, quality 10
• Title them your last name_ first initial_ image #.extension
    example: Smith_M_#2.jpg

Email to
In the subject line put your class and your name.

• 10 points extra credit.
• Must be emailed to me before 6PM, Wednesday, February 14.

Have Fun!



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