WPPI: $20 for CSN students and educators.

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Hey Students! Here's a great deal for WPPI. I was able to get us a special discount, $20 instead of $69 for the Platform level classes plus tradeshow pass. Here's the info I got today:

Hi Mark,

The promo code for a $20 WPPI Full Platform Pass has been reactivated for your use at the 2016 WPPI conference + expo.

These instructions must be followed by all students and educators from your school to attend WPPI.

Register for WPPI online https://registration.experientevent.com/ShowW…/default.aspx…

On the Attendee Profile page, near the bottom, registrants must select whether they are a student or educator
Enter the Promo code SNVstu in the Promo Code box near the bottom of the Attendee Profile page and click the button that says Submit Promo Code
These steps are very important.

Students and educators are required to provide proof of eligibility. They may register now online and bring the required credentials to the registration counter onsite at the MGM Grand.
Here’s a list of required credentials. However, they may also register onsite and provide the registration clerk with the promo code onsite. Proof of eligibility will still be required.

After registering online, each registrant should receive an email stating that their registration is pending approval of the required credentials. Just bring the credentials onsite. If you or your students have any issues onsite, please ask to speak with one of the registration managers, Ami Gilchrist or Brian Bazinet. They are aware of your group and this promo code.
Students - Two of the following qualifications must be received or shown onsite for approval:
• Current Student ID
• Current Class Schedule
• Proof of payment for current classes

Educators - The following qualifications must be received or shown onsite for approval:
• Current Educator ID
• Current paystub from educational institution

Enjoy the show!



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