The Professor: Blog en-us (C) The Professor (The Professor) Wed, 14 Jun 2017 20:04:00 GMT Wed, 14 Jun 2017 20:04:00 GMT The Professor: Blog 120 60 Inspired: 6-28-2017 Get inspired looking at the work of Kevin Mao.

Kevins thoughts of photography HERE




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Inspired: 6-25-2017 Came across Mango Street Labs recently.

Check out this video from them.

Check out these photographers

Andrew Kearns

Sam Kolder

Dirk Dallas




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Inspired: 6-21-2017 PHO102B Summer 2017

Your favorite photographers and another one from me.

Brandon Woelfel  -2 of you chose this photographer

Elena Shumilova

Jay Maisel (also a favorite of mine)

Frans Lanting



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Inspired: 6-19-2017 Enjoy these video's by Ted Forbes, The Art of Photography.

This is the 1st of 9 videos on composition. Click here to watch all the videos. It is worth your time.

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Inspired: 7-14-2017 Art Wolfe

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3 Podcasts I Find Inspiring The Tim Ferriss Show
I highly recommend Tim's book the Tools of Titans

The James Altucher Show

Magic Hour, Jordan Weitzman

+1 Recode/Decode


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Inspired: 6-7-2017

Bruce Gilden:

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Welcome to Summer Classes 2017 Welcome back for summer classes.

Jump right in, lots of info and artists to explore.

Something to get you thinking, its about a minute long. Chase Jarvis is a favorite of mine. Enjoy!

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A Good Read Yes, I have gone back to note taking in a notebook and it has changed my productivity for the better. You might give it a try also.


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FotoFest 2017  




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Inspired: 3-10-2017 Hasan Elani

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Inspired: 3-6-2017

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Inspired: 3-3-2017

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Inspired: 2-24-2017 Student Favorites from the Who Are you Assignment.

Take a moment or two and explore some of the photographers on this list. The list is varied and interesting. I was inspired by the variety and quality of photographers you shared with me. Keep exploring!

Dorthea Lange  x5

Paul Nicklen

John Hyde

Jo-Anne McArthur

Alex Kolosvok

Samuel Richard

Nadia Meli

Imogen Cunningham


Tom Medvedich

Steve McCurry x3

Mathew Brady

Annie Leibovitz x4

Anne Geddes

John Sexton

Andrea Rapisarda

Todd Hido   (One of My Favorites)

Art Wolfe

Stephen Wilkes   (One of My Favorites)

Thomas Heaton

Mallory Walsh x2

Oscar Picazo

Veronique Yang

Mary Kay (Maria Kaimaki)

Benjamin Von Wong X2

Alison Wright

Jamey Price

Henri Cartier – Bresson

Edward Weston

Kat Irlin

Peter Lik

Nick Page

Lucien Hervé

Aaron Nace

Josh Rossi

Renee Robyn


Andreas Gursky x2     (One of My Favorites)

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Tech: LUTs

Something to explore in Photoshop now that you know what it is.

Give this a try.


If you download some free LUTs  you can save them. The LUTs will pop up in the drop down menu rather than loading them from your desktop.

applications/photoshop CC 2015/Presets/3DLUTs on a Mac


c:Program Files\adobe\Adobe Photoshop CC 2015\Presets\3DLUTs on a PC

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Inspired: 2-17-2017

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Really: 2-15-2017

From 2013, still wow.

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Inspired: 2-13-2017

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Peak Design Student Discounts Hi Gang,
If you are interested in a Peak Design Bag you can get a 15% discount when checking out online by entering the PROMO CODE: PDStudent

I just bought the Everyday Sling. I will report back with my thoughts after some use.

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Inspires: 2-10-2017

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