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Some good tips.

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Learn Some Tactics for Building your Instagram Account:

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Antonio Gomez: Show and Gallery Talk A.GomezPosterA.GomezPoster


Be sure to join Antonio for his Galley talk and opening.

Make an Image of Antonio interacting with the space or giving his talk for extra credit.

Email me the image by Monday September 18th for credit.

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The Email Hello students,

Thought I would start the semester off with why a proper email is important.

You are a professional and you want to communicate as a professional.

•Start with a proper greeting

•Include a clear subject line, including the class you are taking.

•If you have many questions break them out in the email so none are missed. 1, 2, 3 etc.

•Be clear and concise in what you are asking. Reference the assignment, written handout or video. Your professors have many classes and many students.

•No text speak. Yes, write out your words.

•Include your name at the end of the email. 


Thank you in advance for being thoughtful and clear. Have a great semester.

-Heather Protz, your professor.

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Things to buy for the semester Buy a USB 3 portable drive. They are small and meant to travel with you.

Here is an Amazon link to Lacie HD

Here is an Amazon link to Seagate

Here is an Amazon link to Western Digital

•Printing Paper - 
Canon Photo Paper Pro Luster (8.5 x 11", 50 Sheets)

Epson Ultra Premium Photo Paper LUSTER (8.5x11 Inches, 50 Sheets)

Arista-II RC Lustre Inkjet Paper - 252gsm 8.5x11/100 Sheets

If buying Arista get 20% off Back to school Code - Arista20

Desert Art Supply is now carrying Hahnemühle paper. Let me, Larry or Doug know if you are printing on this paper se we can make sure the proper profiles are loaded on the computers.


Remember many vendors give you educational pricing, here are a few.!3085!3!211310043079!b!!!!adobe%2520pricing%2520student&ef_id=VtnVEgAABNYmTbrN:20170828183036:s






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Welcome To Fall 2017 Semester Welcome back, I hope everyone had a great summer and you are ready to jump into exploring and learning. We have a lot to accomplish in the next 16 weeks. Don't wait to get started. Remember if you have any questions let me know.


Go Make some Pictures!

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Back to School Savings on Arista Paper Arista Paper back to school special -SAVE 20%

use the code Arista20


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Inspired: 6-28-2017 Get inspired looking at the work of Kevin Mao.

Kevins thoughts of photography HERE




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